When a friend suggested that I volunteer as a docent at Brooks Academy Museum a number of years ago, I agreed thinking it would be an agreeable way to pass a summer afternoon. It was certainly that, but so much more. As a wash-a-shore, I wanted to learn many things in order to answer visitors’ questions.

First the wonderful building, itself an artifact, and the treasures it holds and how it all came to be. That led to the people involved in the building of this town and then I knew I was hooked.

Pie Sale volunteersWhile researching news items about the railroad, I discovered the bound copies of the “Harwich Independent”, the local weekly newspaper, published from 1872 to 1949. It has since been digitized and is available at Brooks Free Library and at Brooks Academy.

Then I got involved in staging exhibits and, of course, needed to find my way around the storage areas and how things were catalogued.

Every opened door leads to many others waiting to be discovered and explored and I always look forward to spending time at Brooks Academy.

I’ve touched on only a few of the things a volunteer at The Harwich Historical Society might do. There are tasks for every talent and a need for help just about everywhere.

The Museum Gift Shop has a table at the Farmers’ Market and at local Craft Fairs as well as the ongoing permanent store in the building and sales help is always needed.

Filing, data entry, hospitality, participating in our annual Graveyard Tour, making and selling crafts at the Holiday Fair and ever-popular pie sale are all areas where help is welcome.

Please use our simple form to send an email, or if you prefer, contact the Harwich Historical Society at: harwichhistoricalsociety@verizon.net or call at: 508-432-8089 for more information or to make an appointment.